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Jiu Jitsu: The Highest Form of Human Chess.

The Jiu Jitsu program at MMAA teaches Jiu Jitsu in a very mature, professional and intelligent way.  You won't find a high-energy, pound-it out environment where the athletic and strong dominates  the mat.  Rather, we're a local group of serious practitioners working hard, while still having fun learning the truest Jiu Jitsu techniques in a safe and welcoming training environment.  We focus on street effective techniques while paying respect to the more modern form of Jiu Jitsu that's common in live sparing (rolling).  We strive to maintain a balance between being street ready and keeping it playful on the mats.  Our curriculum is guided by Master Rickson Gracie's Jiu Jitsu Global Federation

Jiu Jitsu changes lives, builds resiliency, fosters humility and develops self-confidence in a way no other form of physical activity is able to do.

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